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Traffic Systems

The Traffic System group is focusing on traffic models for planning, analysis and evaluation of traffic networks and built environment for traffic. The concern is both on the development of new models, usually based on optimization and simulation techniques, and on the use of traffic models for decision support in various problem situations.

The models can describe flows and systems for road traffic, public transport, train, bicycling and walking, and can focus on national, regional and local traffic networks as well as on traffic on individual road segments and intersections.

The models can be used to make prediction of the travel demand and to evaluate the effects of making some change in the system. Changes can concern the physical infrastructure, travel behaviour or impacts of new technology for communication between actors in the system.

We are cooperating with KTH and VTI within the Center for Traffic research (CTR).

Head of the group is Clas Rydergren.

Page manager: clas.rydergren@liu.se
Last updated: 2011-08-23