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Master Thesis


Our group's members supervise graduate students conducting Master's Thesis projects on topics related to the themes of the group's research areas

Examples of theses supervised or examined by the group's faculty members:

  1. Mohsin Nawaz. Exploiting Tracking Area List Concept in LTE Networks. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-13/054-SE. 2013.
  2. Chao Zhao. Evaluation and Analysis of Cell Selection Algorithms in Relaying Networks. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-12/047--SE, 2012.
  3. Arash Martinad, Design and Development of an HSPA System Simulator in NS-3. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-11/029-SE. 2011.
  4. M. Egebäck and S. Lindqvist. Real-time sampliing of utilization at Ercisson Test Plants. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-10/035-SE, 2010.
  5. H. Hjalmarsson. Automatic configuration of QoS parameters in IP RAN. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-09/062-SE, 2009.
  6. P. Ayani and P. Gustafsson. Impact and multiplexing of SIP signalling in GSM. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-09/009-SE, 2009.
  7. T. Göransson and E. Westlund. Evaluation of an indoor positioning system based on wireless technology. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-08/128-SE, 2008.
  8. F. Jonsson and L. Larsson. Design and implementation of an integration platform for telematics services. LIU-ITN-TEK-A-08/006, 2008.
  9. M. Asplund. Software defined radio: single-input multiple-output communication demonstrator. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-07/021-SE, 2007.
  10. O. Myrberg. Geodata distribution - interface for information exchange at TeliaSonera Sweden. LiU-ITN-TEK-A-06/029-SE, 2007.

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