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Communications and Transport Systems


The division of Communications- and Transport Systems (CTS) is a division at the department of Science and Technology (ITN) at LiU Norrköping.

The CTS-division includes research and education within the fields of telecommunication, traffic modelling, quantitative logistics, construction management and logistics, mathematics and traffic safety. Common for the first three fields is that they deal with problems and issues related to the planning, design, utilization, steering and analysis of infrastructure for the transport of people and goods as well as for telecommunications. In particular, we study how modern information technology, mobile and wireless telecommunications can be implemented and integrated into the transport and traffic systems of the future. Of interest is also how mathematical modelling can be used to describe and analyse the systems.

Many applications concern the areas of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The CTS-division is coordinating the National Graduate School in Intelligent Transport Systems.

Courses at the undergraduate and graduate level are given for the engineering programme in Communications, Transport and Infrastructure, for the bachelor programmes in Civic Logistics and Air traffic management and logistics and for the international master¿s programmes in Intelligent Transport Systems and Wireless Networks and Electronics. Courses in mathematics are given for all education programmes at the Institute of Technology in Norrköping.

The division cooperate with a number of other universities and with partners in industry. The cooperation includes the following platforms:

The CTS-division includes more than 50 people, among them around 20 PhD-students.

Our postgraduate education programme is called Infra-Informatics.

Head of division is
Jan Lundgren.

Director of Undergraduate Studies is
Erik Bergfeldt.

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